Affordable Insurance For Healthy People

Cash Pay is a Better Way to pay for health insurance.

Cheaper Can Be Better

Most people are tired of a high monthly premium, plus a high deductible before benefiting from their health insurance. If you go to the doctor only once or twice a year, and you are otherwise healthy, that is a lot of money to spend. These policies are significantly less expensive than traditional insurance and can eliminate high deductibles. 

Cash Pay Elite

A health policy covers major medical expenses with a lifetime payout of $5 million.

Accident Policy

Have an accident? This policy will reimburse you up to $10,000

Hospital Admission

Upon admission to a hospital, you receive $6,350

Our Story

Healthcare insurance costs are outrageous. People pay hundreds of dollars a month, yet still have to pay thousands of dollars more if they get sick. Why is that? There are a lot of sick people out there as well as people who abuse or overuse the healthcare system. Anthony DeFelice, a licensed TX health insurance agent, started CashPay.Health to provide an alternative option to traditional insurance. He owns a marketing agency in Fort Worth, and after learning from a client how he could save over $700 a month,  Anthony decided to offer the savings to all. Meet Anthony below in the video. 

Mix and Match

You may select from 5 available policies. Affordable Choice (Elite Care) from Manhattan Life is the anchor policy. Policies work by paying a designated amount for different types of occurrences. Why waste money on monthly premiums for insurance that you do not use? Take advantage of a smarter way to be insured. Get an instant quote today and you’ll see the savings!

Why Not?

Why not spend your money in a better way? Cash pricing for healthcare is almost always cheaper. Why is that? Actually, that is part of the problem. Why not take advantage of how the system works? Pay for what you need, and get reimbursed cash based on your policies.

Insurance Carriers   

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